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We, at Virtual Academy, believe that all students can learn. We work to provide a supportive and successful climate for all students. We believe that a strong working relationship between students, parents, and staff must be maintained to insure a positive education for students. To keep this relationship strong, certain expectations must be achieved by each group.

Teachers are expected to:
• Provide rigorous and engaging curriculum for all students through basic, auxiliary and supplemental services.
• Work collaboratively with fellow teachers to meet the data based needs of all our students utilizing the foundation of Professional Learning communities, and Response to Intervention.
• Meet with parents to discuss curriculum and take into account parent suggestions.
• Report student progress to parents through conferences, phone calls, emails, written reports, achievement test results, and/ or performance test results.
• Provide opportunities for parents to learn how to help their children.
• Schedule parent teacher conferences to communicate curriculum and student progress with parents as necessary.

Parents are expected to:
• Meet with teachers as needed throughout the school year, as determined necessary by teacher or parent.
• Provide a quiet place for their children to study every night.
• Encourage their children to complete their homework every day.
• Make sure their child gets a reasonable amount of sleep to ensure healthy growth and learning.
• Attend and support Back to School Night, and other school events whenever reasonably possible.
• Review current grades, assignments, attendance, etc. with students using Powerschool in order to monitor student progress and achievement.

Students are expected to:
• Complete schoolwork every day, ready to demonstrate their BEST effort on all assignments.
• Be an active participant in the online classroom.
• Attend office hours when applicable.
• Be prepared with appropriate homework assignments for review.
• Seek assistance for skills or concepts not fully understood.
• Maintain appropriate behavior while on school grounds.
• Take advantage of tutoring programs.