Antelope Valley School District

Student Learning Outcomes

Virtual Academy Tigers

Academies of the Antelope Valley students will become…



Respectful Citizens who:

  • Demonstrate sensitivity and empathy in all activities and projects.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of personal responsibility as a community citizen through participation in decision making and leadership opportunities as well as common courtesy and respect for others.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding and application of digital etiquette and responsibility.
  • Demonstrate the ability to celebrate the success of peers as well as to express appropriate satisfaction in personal success.
  • Demonstrate the ability and willingness to work with a variety of peers in a variety of collaborating situations and to make positive contributions as well as to support and encourage participation of all collaborating members.

Active Communicators who:

  • Demonstrate the ability to form and write coherent, concise and grammatically correct answers, paragraphs, essays, reports, and digital communications
  • Demonstrate the ability to read and comprehend grade level or above texts and to analyze the texts for clarity and understanding.
  • Demonstrate the ability to transfer knowledge gained in a classroom setting to real world situations.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding and application of digital etiquette and responsibility.

Open-minded and technologically proficient thinkers and problem solvers who:

  • Demonstrate the ability to use modern technology and equipment as supplements to, not replacements for, critical thinking, research and analytical reasoning.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of real-world math applications and problem solving including basic integer operations
  • Demonstrate the ability to creatively meld low and high tech tools to create interesting and meaningful projects.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of using technology.

Self-directed learners who:

  • Manage their time effectively, follow directions, and ask clarifying questions
  • Make connections between classroom knowledge and real-world situations.
  • Understand the ways history, art, science, math, and literature are interrelated.
  • Demonstrate the confidence to take risks and the persistence to try again after failure thus leading to the understanding that attempting the task is progress and not failure.
  • Develop the self-confidence in their own academic and social skills necessary to be successful in college and career choices.