Staff Directory

Phone Number/Ext.

Matthew Berryman

(661) 943-2091

Principal- Office at SOAR Prep

Jennifer Griffey

(661) 943-2091

VP- Main Office at Soar Prep

Alex Santoya

(661) 456-4711

VP- Main Office at Knight Prep

Teresa Howard

(661) 274-4619

VP- Main Office at Palmdale Prep

Karen Neal

(661) 943-2091 ext. 102

Site Data Tech

Danielle Bryant

(661) 943-2091 ext. 104

Counselor/ Soar Prep

Cassaundra Ramirez

(661) 456-4711

Counselor / Knight Prep

Emily Finch

(661) 274-4619

Counselor/ Palmdale Prep

Cristina Marchant

(661) 943-3031


Angela D’Errico

(661) 943-3031


Colleen Barnett

(661) 943-3031

RSP/ Educational Specialist

Bonnie Tucker

(661) 943-3031


Megan Haussmann

(661) 943-3031




Briana Blundell

Christy Chacon

Blaine Corlew

Traci Crispen

Paloma Cortes-Goodwyn

Daniel Gorman

Shawn Johnson

Leo Moreno

Sonia Munoz

Daniel Pratt

Jennifer Prewitt

Joy Vierra

Kristel Watson

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Teacher Office Hours:

To meet with your teacher in-person, you may attend weekly Virtual Academy office hours.  To view a calendar of Virtual Academy Office Hours, please see our website calendar.

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